As South Florida’s sole vendor and installer of reFLEX traction marine decking, Tropical Marine Group have the edge over the competition. 

We are the Boat Decking Experts

Tropical Marine Group provides gorgeous, durable materials for your boat renovations that no other vendor in South Florida can offer. We install decking and other protective solutions for many parts of your boat, including:



Helm stations

Handrail grips

Coaming bolsters

Stainless steel steering wheels

reFLEX Marine Decking

reFLEX Marine Decking is a durable, comfortable Polyethylene (PE) foam material that creates slip-proof, stain-proof surfaces. This high-density material outperforms alternative decking materials like EVA and cross-linked foam, providing exceptional water resistance without staining or wear. reFLEX foam decking has a unique appearance with a variety of colors, textures, thicknesses, and routered styles that ensure a variety of looks are available for every boat owner’s needs.

Digital Measurement

Tropical Marine Group is on the cutting edge of marine decking installations. We use a state-of-the-art digitization process to take accurate measurements of our clients’ boats without all the guesswork or time needed when taking manual measures. As a reFLEX representative, we can visit you and digitize your boat to provide accurate measurements without wasting any time. We’ll even give you the files containing your boat’s measurement information.

Mobile Installation

We are a mobile business and will travel to your residence or local shipyard to provide dockside service. We install decking and other protective solutions for many parts of your boat. We offer a one-stop solution to our customers. From measures to fabrication to installation, we have everything you need to upgrade your boat without worrying about the complicated back-and-forth of working with multiple companies. Call us today for more information on how to get started with us.

We Deliver Superior Results

As the sole distributor and installer of reFLEX Polyethylene decking in South Florida, you get the best combination of superior products matched by fine craftsmanship. Call today!

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